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The CVid app is the exciting new tool for job seekers to find and apply for the best jobs faster. The app allows you to create a video CV that shows the real person, not just the resume.

Creating your unique video CV usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. The process starts by asking you to type in responses to 3 questions that have been specifically selected by the employer/recruiter based on the position they are recruiting for. You have up to 300 characters to type in your response to each question. These responses will then be your prompted script when you record your video later so take the time to carefully consider how you sell yourself.

You are then asked to prepare yourself by making sure:

You are dressed to impress

The light source is in front of you not behind

You have at least 10MB memory on your phone and

You have answered all the questions

Once ready you can record responses to each question before previewing and saving your video. Don’t worry if you are not happy with the first recording! You have the option to record as many times as you like. Once satisfied you are then prompted to add your CV. CVid provides 3 options for adding your CV – via LinkedIn, via Dropbox or via an attachment.

CVid is simple to download, easy to use, and your CVid will be in front of prospective employers in moments.

CVid. Bringing CV’s to life.

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