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Let people see your personality, not just a piece of paper.

CVid is a revolutionary solution to an age old problem. Do you send your CV to dozens of job openings and never get a response? The truth is your CV can be competing against hundreds of other CVs and differentiating yourself in the short amount of time that employers/recruiters spend sifting through those CVs is extremely challenging., particularly if some of the other job applicants are inclined to stretch the truth on their resume.CVid has developed a unique job application tool that lets you create a video CV, attach your resume and send it to prospective employers/recruiters. CVid is a pre screening tool that provides you with an opportunity to sell yourself, giving you the best possible chance of securing an interview. The process is as simple as downloading the app (available for both iOS and Android)., entering the job code for the job you wish to apply for, creating your CVid (which normally takes between 10 and 15 minutes) and submitting to the enmployer/recruiter.

The submission will include your response to 3 questions that have been selected by the employer/recruiter and allows you to record as many times as you like to ensure you are happy with the final result before submitting your application.

We have worked hard on developing a CV and video application process that is as simple as possible for you, the job candidate, whilst ensuring that your video CV and resume are combined to present you in the best possible light to employers/recruiters. The result is CVid.

Find the best job faster with CVid. Create your CVid when applying for jobs today. CVid brings CV’s to life.

How to use CVid
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