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Your pre-interview screening solution.

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By relying on traditional CVs, organisations waste time and money interviewing candidates who are not right for the role. Despite innovations in technology, the process of creating and sending CVs still looks very much like it did decades ago. However when we look to hire the key things are:
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Introducing CVid:
A pre­‐interview screening solution. Our unique mobile app let’s your candidates record their CV in a video format, letting you suddenly see their real personality, not just a piece of paper. You can then quickly screen the applicant videos, and rate, tag and shortlist your favourites online. Plus your new job listing goes out to everyone who has the CVid app. So if you’re looking to save time, find the diamonds faster and avoid the duds, discover the benefits of CVid today.

10 Benefits of CVid

Accurate: Quickly identify who fits the role requirements through our candidate rating system

Secure: Password protected online storage

Efficient: Improved productivity by removing the need to schedule and conduct lots of preliminary interviews

Branded: Corporate branded campaign pages

Effective: More complete presentation of candidates to enhance go / no go decisions

Targeted: Ability to select questions relevant to the skills you are seeking in a candidate

Transparent: Structured and standardised interviews to ensure consistent, fair and easy assessments

Availability: Avoid time zone clashes for non local candidates

Organised: Make personal notes on each video and file videos within each client account under a job/role

Collaborative: Team collaboration via video sharing

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