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Video CVs Are On The Rise

Paper CVs are very traditional and the norm for many companies,

Demonstration Of Video CVs On The Rise
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however, a recent study from Monster and University College London discovered that nearly half of responding companies now use video interviews during their hiring processes.  Utilizing recruitment technology not only saves your company time and money, it also helps qualified candidates easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. It has been reported that human resource professionals spend an average of less than six seconds reviewing a single CV. CVid Recruit takes this hiring challenge and the growing phenomenon of video CVs one step further by offering video CVs and job postings with customizable questions for candidates that are easily accessible via most mobile devices.

Why Video CVs are Becoming More Relevant

In an increasingly interactive and digitally social world the presentation of skills is becoming a growing commodity in the workplace.  Whether your company is searching for an experienced sales manager or a multi-tasking receptionist to be the face of your business, video CVs allow you to assess and gain insights into these skills before ever conducting a phone interview.  And with a recruiting technology like CVid Recruit, you can tailor your application requirements to request specific answers to questions you choose or create for your company or industry. It also helps to weed out candidates who submit CVs in large batches rather than tailoring each one for a your job.  Using a video CV app ensures that candidates are serious about the job for which they are applying and in turn gives you a larger pipeline of qualified candidates to choose from.

How to Diversify Your Applicant Pool

Several years ago, some recruiting firms may have warned against video interviews and CVs.  Considered just a fad, some human resource professionals worried that using video-based recruitment technology would enable discrimination based on race, gender, or age.  But in fact, companies have found quite the opposite has occurred.  Conducting interviews online enables companies to broaden their recruitment pool, particularly when offering telecommuting opportunities.  If the vacancy you are filling requires a very specific expertise in a certain industry, using a video-based recruiting technology allows you to diversify your search beyond your local region and find the best candidate for the job.

Video CVs Streamline the Hiring Process

Online CV recruitment technology can be more than just a hiring tool.  After reviewing applicants, systems like CVid  Recruit allow you to add annotations to each candidate and create a shortlist for the next round of vetting. This keeps your hiring process extremely organised as successful candidates are tagged and noted in your system. These notes can be made by varied HR professionals which enables your team to provide feedback per candidate during your recruitment process.  Use of an integrated video CV and tracking tool can minimize time, save money and reduce duplicate efforts.

Whether you are a small business with a single vacancy or a major firm with constant job openings utilizing a video-based recruitment technology makes the hiring process simple and successful for any type of company.  From pre-screening candidates with video CVs to conducting video interviews, online communication is officially a growing and integral part of today’s best recruitment practices.  Stay ahead of the curve by implementing an video CV response platform like CVid Recruit to get to know the best candidates before the interview.

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