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What is a Video CV?

Professional Girl Recording a Video CV
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A traditional curriculum vitae is a very broad and general overview of an individual’s qualifications, education, and professional or relevant experience. It is a Latin term that can be loosely translated to mean the course of one’s life. Over the years, as competition for interviews has increased, people have become skilled at creating CV’s that can seem too good to be true. Non-fiction has become fiction and recruiters are often left having to cross reference other sources and unfortunately have no sense of the personality behind the CV.  This is frustrating for both candidates – who may find themselves missing out on an interview – and recruiters – who may find themselves wasting time interviewing people that are not quite right for the role.

There is an effective solution.  A video CV makes a world of difference when it comes to hiring for or seeking a job. Video CVs are becoming a popular tool for recruiters and HR professionals to use in pre-interview screening.  More sophisticated solutions allow the HR professional to select questions relevant to the role that they want candidates to answer thereby giving them a flavour for the person’s personality as well as their skills and experience.

When you create or view a video curriculum vitae there are a few things to keep in mind such as the appearance, lighting, and tone.

How Long Is a Video CV?

A video CV can be as long as you want, however, they are usually kept relatively short in easily digested bits. The goal of a video CV is to provide simple and relevant information that covers one’s experience and knowledge in the niche for the job. As you record or view a video CV consider the length of the video. Is it too long with too much unrelated information or is it shorter with relevant key points that are essential to the job or industry?

Less is more for both the applicant and the hiring manager when it comes to viewing a video CV. Small segments that are impactful are going to be the most engaging and stand out against others.

Appearance Matters

Whether you find yourself reviewing or recording remember to note appearance. Appearing polished and well put together is essential for conveying confidence in one’s experience. As an applicant dress in darker colors so that you stand out. Men should consider collared shirts and women should consider nice blouses. If you are reviewing video CVs then look for clean appearances and bright eyes that show experience and confidence.

Keep the Lights On

It is imperative that you consider the lighting prior to recording a CV. As a recruiter it is recommended that you dismiss video CVs that lack proper lighting  as the applicant will not be easily visible and thus inhibit your ability to gain a full grasp on their personality and experience. Applicants should choose locations that provide lighting that is complementary and helps you shine. Avoid direct light or spot lights due to reduce shadowing.

Speaking Up

Speaking clearly is obviously very important. As a recruiter you will want to be able to hear the words spoken and most importantly understand them. As an applicant you should speak clearly, slowly, and comfortably. It is recommended that you rehearse your responses or at least write them down for reference to eliminate pauses or interruptions.

In a nutshell a video CV is a great way to cut down on interviews you would need to conduct because you gain a sound sense of the individual beyond the traditional CV. As a job seeker it gives you the ability to speak on your own behalf and that is something you can always count on.

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