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Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in London

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If you are looking to streamline your recruitment process and successfully onboard top candidates consider using one of the many recruitment agencies in London alongside incorporating video screening into your recruitment process. When it comes to filling vacant positions the exhaustive search for the best candidates and the time it takes to sift through applications can be costly and overwhelming. Employment agencies specialize in finding good talent at a competitive salary rate. These agencies can take the guess work out of hiring and help you narrow down top candidates.

As you enlist the help of an employment agency request that the agency provide a short video response from each candidate they recommend alongside their CV. This provides sound insight into the candidate’s skill sets, personality, and knowledge and saves you and the employment agency time during the initial screening process.

Here is a list of 5 influential employment agencies in London to consider. Keep in mind that a quick Google search uncovers a handful more.

Morgan Hunt

Specializing in public sector recruiting, Morgan Hunt is an award-winning job agency with offices in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Its staff of more than 200 recruiters manages 2,000+ clients ranging from charities to FTSE 100 companies.  The firm is also tech-savvy, offering a free mobile app that simplifies the onboarding process and enables temporary assignment workers to clock timesheets from their smart phones. Morgan Hunt offers paperless onboarding options and convenient web-based timesheets accessible from most web browsers.

Anne Jagger Recruitment

Anne Jagger Recruitment, a recruitment agency in London and Witney, retains highly-skilled business support professionals for both permanent and temporary positions. It focuses on sending candidates who are specifically suited for the job you need filled with unique experiences related to business administration and operation such as bookkeeping, executive assistants, or event coordination. Each candidate is carefully vetted and skills set are tested and verified. Anne Jagger Recruitment is the recipient of the gold standard award for recruitment from Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Michael Page

Michael Page’s is one of the U.K.’s oldest and largest employment agencies with  approximately 5,000 recruiters specializing in a variety of industries. Its focus is to pair clients with relevant recruiters familiar with their niche or industry. You can browse 25 areas of expertise for your company and find complete representation for your field. Michael Page is considered an industry leader and publishes original research on employment issues such as a recently released report on banking and finance job growth trends.

Handle Recruitment

Handle Recruitment offers payroll services, executive coaching, and an HR mentoring programme. Consider this employment agency to be a one-stop shop that helps your company focus on its core business while expanding your expertise.  Handle Recruitment focuses on long-term clients to get to know your brand and its culture thus ensuring a deep knowledge of your needs as they set out to filling your vacancies.  With a staff of 70, the boutique firm also hosts a variety of events including The Future of Retail.

Maine-Tucker Recruitment Consultants

A recruitment agency in London, Maine-Tucker Recruitment Consultants, has two locations within the city. It offers a full financial guarantee.  While many agencies operate throughout the country (or even the world), Maine-Tucker concentrates on London and thus works to cultivate a partnership mentality with your company. This recruitment agency finds talent in a variety of fields including business, finance, and marketing.

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