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Video CVs Are On The Rise

Paper CVs are very traditional and the norm for many companies,

Demonstration Of Video CVs On The Rise
Courtesy of Ambro

however, a recent study from Monster and University College London discovered that nearly half of responding companies now use video interviews during their hiring processes.  Utilizing recruitment technology not only saves your company time and money, it also helps qualified candidates easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. It has been reported that human resource professionals spend an average of less than six seconds reviewing a single CV. CVid Recruit takes this hiring challenge and the growing phenomenon of video CVs one step further by offering video CVs and job postings with customizable questions for candidates that are easily accessible via most mobile devices.

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Recruitment Habits Survey: The Results Are In

Four candidates competing for one position.From 18th December 2014 to 4th February 2015, CVid published a short survey focusing on recruitment habits.

The purpose of the survey was to gain valuable insights into the recruitment habits of various businesses and to discover how companies go about selecting the right candidate for the job.

We were inundated with responses, and have put together a comprehensive downloadable report to show some of the survey’s many interesting findings.

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