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How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Recruitment Process

From LinkedIn to video CVs, recruiting has gone beyond the

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traditional CV submission and interview. In fact, a 2014 Jobvite study revealed that 51 percent of recruiters plan on increasing their mobile recruitment investments. Find the best talent using social media in a variety of ways from marketing open positions to screening candidates. Mobile recruitment processes make the most qualified candidates in the job market accessible whether they are seeking new positions or not.

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Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in London

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If you are looking to streamline your recruitment process and successfully onboard top candidates consider using one of the many recruitment agencies in London alongside incorporating video screening into your recruitment process. When it comes to filling vacant positions the exhaustive search for the best candidates and the time it takes to sift through applications can be costly and overwhelming. Employment agencies specialize in finding good talent at a competitive salary rate. These agencies can take the guess work out of hiring and help you narrow down top candidates.

As you enlist the help of an employment agency request that the agency provide a short video response from each candidate they recommend alongside their CV. This provides sound insight into the candidate’s skill sets, personality, and knowledge and saves you and the employment agency time during the initial screening process.

Here is a list of 5 influential employment agencies in London to consider. Keep in mind that a quick Google search uncovers a handful more.

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