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Video CVs Are On The Rise

Paper CVs are very traditional and the norm for many companies,

Demonstration Of Video CVs On The Rise
Courtesy of Ambro

however, a recent study from Monster and University College London discovered that nearly half of responding companies now use video interviews during their hiring processes.  Utilizing recruitment technology not only saves your company time and money, it also helps qualified candidates easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. It has been reported that human resource professionals spend an average of less than six seconds reviewing a single CV. CVid Recruit takes this hiring challenge and the growing phenomenon of video CVs one step further by offering video CVs and job postings with customizable questions for candidates that are easily accessible via most mobile devices.

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CVid vs. CV-Library

CV-Library is a database that allows users to upload CVs for jobs

Courtesy of Ambro
Courtesy of Ambro

openings that are posted by recruiters and employers. The website is known for attracting many job seekers to its platform as well as applicants. CVid is a video CV recruitment solution that can be used to enhance the recruitment process and simplify your search. It is not a question of which service is best to use during the hiring process but rather how both CV-Library and CVid can save you time and energy as you work to fill jobs when used collectively.

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5 Secrets to a Successful Recruitment Process

Hiring and Recruitment Using CVid
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Ever tried prospecting for gold? It’s a painstakingly laborious task that is well known for its poor results; particularly in years gone by. Technology has since made searching simple and enables prospectors to narrow down the search with less fuss, time, and energy. HR professionals and recruitment consultants empathise with prospectors as they sift through hundreds of CV’s looking for the gold. What’s exciting for them is that, like gold prospectors, they can now utilise technology to narrow down the search.

Solutions such as requesting a video CV and using applicant tracking systems offer the metal detector technology that HR professionals and recruitment consultants in modern time would never dream of working without.

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