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Recruitment Habits Survey: The Results Are In

Four candidates competing for one position.From 18th December 2014 to 4th February 2015, CVid published a short survey focusing on recruitment habits.

The purpose of the survey was to gain valuable insights into the recruitment habits of various businesses and to discover how companies go about selecting the right candidate for the job.

We were inundated with responses, and have put together a comprehensive downloadable report to show some of the survey’s many interesting findings.

Let’s take a look.

Candidate Documentation

Candidate Documentation The results revealed what businesses felt were vital elements when it comes to the application process and what they look for in a suitable candidate.

CVs, covering letters and relevant work experience were revealed to be the three most important elements; although CVs were considered the least crucial of these three, giving credence to the suggestion that employees care more about the person applying for the role than the application they submit.

A video CV can highlight critical employee attributes well in advance of an interview, better than any paper application ever could. This is the perfect opportunity for job seekers to create their own video resume, using applications such as CVid, showcasing their character and experience first-hand.

Successful Candidates

The survey results highlighted a number of key reasons why candidates secure a desired job role. Being well presented in an interview was a common factor, with 75% of respondents saying that appearance or presentation was a significant reason for candidates’ success.

A positive attitude and appropriate behaviour, as well as competent responses to questions, also played key roles in positive recruitment decisions.

These findings offer an insight into what potential employers look for during their recruitment process. The results also highlight the emphasis placed by recruiters on values such as honesty, attitude and behaviour.

A video CV can showcase all of the abovementioned elements in advance of an interview

Telephone Interviews

The survey results demonstrate the recruitment process adopted by a number of businesses when it comes to preferred interview techniques.

Nearly 50% of those questioned said they rely on telephone interviews before meeting applicants face to face.

The popularity of telephone interviews shows this is a useful first step used by many companies during the application process, and highlights the importance businesses place on this method when in pursuit of new recruits.

A video CV can replace telephone interviews and uncover the need (or not) for a face to face interview. Given the significance organisations place on these two procedures, enhancing them is critical.

Education Is Everything

Education is also of significant importance to employers when searching for new recruits, the findings reveal.

The majority of employers look for candidates with relevant qualifications related to the job, showing that education and qualifications are regarded as highly valuable assets.

Video Applications

Would You Watch A Video CV

The survey results offered a reflection of businesses’ attitudes towards video CVs, with more than 70% of respondents saying they would watch an applicant’s video CV if it were submitted as part of an application.

This highlights how valuable a tool CVid can be in allowing HR and recruiters to make the best decisions.

Applicants can apply for their dream job with a video resume app from CVid.

Download the CVid app now to showcase the personality behind the CV.

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Want to find out more about what recruiters look for in potential employers? For insights into recruitment agencies, information on various industries and details on why candidates are unsuccessful during interviews, check out the full report here: Recruitment Habits Report. CVid Recruitment Habits Survey

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