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How to Innovate Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment with CVid
Courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Ever find yourself interviewing candidates for 45 minutes when you know after 2 minutes that they are not quite what you are looking for? Countless hours can be saved by innovating your recruitment process whilst enhancing quality at the same time.

Enhance your recruitment process by utilizing applicant tracking software, online video CVs, and detailed employee outcomes and competencies. These easy tips and tricks introduce innovative and semi-automatic recruitment techniques for assisting human resource professionals with hiring smarter and faster.

Whether you need to find staffing for hourly or salaried positions consider integrating innovative systems into your recruitment process by embracing software and systems for maximum hiring effectiveness.

CV Screening Solution

One of the most challenging aspects of hiring is the task of sifting through the hundreds of CVs you receive once the job opening goes live. Unfortunately many of the CVs look very similar and it is hard to determine if the applicant is truly qualified, will settle into your organization’s culture, or possesses the leadership and communication skills required to excel in the position. As you begin your recruitment consider advanced applicant tracking software that can be used by each person in human resources or by department managers to evaluate applicants.

Applicant tracking software platforms no longer simply categorize applicants by name, degrees, or desired salary rates. Today the recruitment process can be more personalized and complete as applicant softwares include employee referrals, job site SEO, and simplified onboarding solutions.

Discover the Benefits of Video CVs

Another very innovative approach to discovering the best applicants for your job position is to incorporate video CVs. A video CV can be a CV built using specific software or recorded as a video. Video CVs not only give you a glimpse of the applicant’s personal skills and knowledge but also a sound observation of their experience level and confidence in themselves to do the job well.

One of the other benefits of utilizing a video CV is that you get to review applicants more effectively and tag, mark, or comment on each video; making the selection process simple and easy.

Many video CV software applications enable human resource departments to select questions that help provide great insight into the experience and critical thinking skills of potential job applicants. By viewing recorded answers to questions you can save time and limit the amount of interviews you must conduct in order to find the right talent.

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