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How CVid Recruit Improves Your Recruitment Process: Part 2

Hiring has never been easier than when using CVid for your

Hiring | CVid Recruit
Courtesy of Renjith Krishnan

company’s pre-screening process.  As we discussed in Part 1 of our How Using CVid Recruit Improves Your Recruitment Process, our platform makes your recruitment process incredibly accurate, efficient, and effective while maintaining each candidate in a secure database.  CVid Recruit enables you to use your company’s branding on each page and during each video response request. Here we round out our list with five additional reasons to incorporate video CVs into your hiring process through CVid Recruit.

Targeted Job Postings

When using CVid Recruit as an employer or recruiter, you have the ability to select targeted questions relevant to the skills you are seeking in your job candidate.  You may choose up to three specific questions from our comprehensive database to pose to applicants.  They will in turn incorporate their answers to these questions in their video CVs to help you make an informed decision prior to conducting in person interviews.  This is a key part of why our video platform can completely replace the traditional telephone interviews because a video response allows you to gain true insight into an applicant’s experience.

Transparent Hiring

CVid Recruit also ensures that your pre-screening system includes structured and standardised interviews for all applicants.  You know that your recruitment process will be consistent with fair and easy assessments because each candidate responds to the exact same prompt questions.  From there, it is simply up to you to decide on the group of applicants who most closely meet your standards to move to the next round of formal interviews. CVid Recruit provides easy and transparent hiring, no questions asked.

24/7 Availability

When you rely on video CVs instead of cumbersome telephone interviews, you can count on constant availability.  Not only will you avoid time zone clashes for non local candidates and outsourcing challenges, you also rest assured that your applicant pool is as diverse and comprehensive as possible.  This feature is helpful if your company has several offices geographically.  You easily hire for openings across the globe with our video response platform using cutting edge technology that is available around the clock.  This benefit not only makes the hiring process convenient for you but also for your colleagues and your top candidates as well.

Organised Recruitment Processes

Your company’s CVid Recruit portal allows you to make personal notes on each video CV and file videos within each client account under a certain job or role.  This keeps your top candidates for each opening organised and also makes it easy to share files within your human resources team.  You will never have to worry about misplaced files or sheets of scribbled interview notes again when using CVid Recruit as your pre-screening tool.

Collaborate with Ease

Take advantage of team collaboration via video sharing with our unique platform. Any designated person may share, tag and rate video CVs within your hiring portal thus your recruitment process is streamlined, simple, and thorough.  Fill your shortlist with qualified candidates who are ready to work effortlessly.

Now that you understand the top benefits of using CVid, are you ready to get started?  Explore our packages to find the right fit for you and your company.  Do you want to find out more about how CVid Recruit benefits your specific recruitment process?  Sign up today and receive a complimentary job listing.


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