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How CVid Recruit Improves Your Recruitment Process: Part 1

Utilizing video CVs in your recruitment process is an easy way to

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rank applicants based on both their accomplishments and their personalities.  In this two part series, we explore the most beneficial features of CVid Recruit so you can see just how helpful this video CV recruitment software is during your hiring process. No matter what industry you are in or the size of your company, CVid Recruit is the best way to find the most qualified candidates in a timely manner.

Accuracy in Hiring

CVid Recruit allows you to quickly identify applicants who fit the role requirements of your vacancy through our candidate rating system.  You can also tag candidates and share your favorite video CVs with your colleagues to receive additional vetting before making selections for in-person interviews.  Keeping your favorite candidates shortlisted in specific folders makes the entire recruitment process organised so that no one slips through the cracks.

Secure Online Storage

You can rest assured that your account is password-protected with our state-of-the-art technology.  Also notice that when you log in, each page starts with “https”, meaning it has an extra layer of protection compared to traditional “http” pages.  This ensures authentication and prevents so-called “man in the middle” web attacks.

Efficient Recruiting

CVid Recruit provides you with improved productivity by removing the need to schedule and conduct lots of preliminary interviews.  Pose your first round of questions in your job posting for candidates to answer in their video CV that is personalized just for your opening.  You can select three questions from our database, making this a quick and easy process.  Not only does this step give you a better idea of a candidate’s personality, it also weeds out candidates who are not as serious and do not want to take the extra step of creating a customized video CV.  Save plenty of time by being able to view applications at your own convenience.  This is especially helpful if you need to coordinate several people to review candidates.

Use Your Own Corporate Branding

As an employer using CVid Recruit, you are able to customize your job listing to include campaign pages and videos with your own corporate branding.  Brand recognition is important at any stage of the recruitment process, and this feature allows candidates to get an impression of your company right from the get-go.  The best candidates will be enticed to apply to your position because they will already have an idea of your company’s culture and identity.

Effective Decision Making

CVid Recruit offers a more complete presentation of candidates to enhance your company’s go/no-go decisions.  Not only do you obtain a more holistic understanding of an applicant’s character through the CVid pre-screening process, you can also gauge how well you think they will fit into your company’s culture.

All of these attributes are an important part of a successful recruitment process in today’s hiring world. These are just a few of the many benefits offered by CVid Recruit to help streamline and customize your recruiting as you seek out the best candidates for your vacancies.

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