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CVid vs. CV-Library

CV-Library is a database that allows users to upload CVs for jobs

Courtesy of Ambro
Courtesy of Ambro

openings that are posted by recruiters and employers. The website is known for attracting many job seekers to its platform as well as applicants. CVid is a video CV recruitment solution that can be used to enhance the recruitment process and simplify your search. It is not a question of which service is best to use during the hiring process but rather how both CV-Library and CVid can save you time and energy as you work to fill jobs when used collectively.

What Makes CV-Library Effective?

CV-Library was established in 2000 and is the one of the leading online job boards in the United Kingdom. Candidates apply directly to job postings and have access to career related tools that help them land jobs successfully. Employers turn to CV-Library because of its integrated solutions such as the Media Centre, featured profile options, and unique postings. The company has more than a decade of experience with providing a platform for recruiters and candidates.

Job seekers can search more than 70 sectors and register absolutely free of charge. For recruiters the platform presents more than 84 million CVs with more than 150,000 CVs added monthly.

CVid: Realistic Recruitment Solution

CVid is a recruitment solution that helps you, as a recruiter, filter through the hundreds of CVs you receive for a position. Reviewing each CV and conducting countless phone screening interviews tends to waste time and in many cases interviewing those people who passed the phone screening fails to meet your expectations. With CVid you get an immediate feel for the personality, the candidate’s vibrancy and their attitudes as well as their skills and experience by requesting they submit a video CV response to your selected questions that matter most and are relevant to your job posting.

CVid not only lets each applicant respond to your questions effortlessly using their smartphone but gives you the ability to tag, comment, shortlist, share with colleagues, and make notes on each response.

Looking Beyond the Online CV

Looking beyond the online CV is a first step to streamlining your recruitment process and only setting up interviews that have true potential. By requesting a video CV response you gain a solid first impression, avoid wasting time with candidates who inflated their experience level, and observe the candidate’s communication and professional style.

Here are another handful of reasons that looking beyond online CVs found on CV-Library help you hire faster and smarter.

  1. Accurate: Easily rate candidates that meet your requirements using our candidate rating system.
  2. Efficient: Remove the need to schedule and conduct lots of preliminary interviews thereby improving productivity.
  3. Effective: Far more complete presentation of applicants to improve hire or pass decisions.
  4. Transparent: Standardised and structured interviews to ensure fair, consistent and easy assessment.
  5. Organised: Make personal notes for every video and then store videos within each client account under a job/role.
  6. Secure: Online storage that is password protected
  7. Branded: Campaign pages with corporate branding
  8. Targeted: Personally select questions relevant to the skills you seek
  9. Availability: Non local candidates avoid time zone differences
  10. Collaborative: Video sharing that enables team collaboration


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