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How to Innovate Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment with CVid
Courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Ever find yourself interviewing candidates for 45 minutes when you know after 2 minutes that they are not quite what you are looking for? Countless hours can be saved by innovating your recruitment process whilst enhancing quality at the same time.

Enhance your recruitment process by utilizing applicant tracking software, online video CVs, and detailed employee outcomes and competencies. These easy tips and tricks introduce innovative and semi-automatic recruitment techniques for assisting human resource professionals with hiring smarter and faster.

Whether you need to find staffing for hourly or salaried positions consider integrating innovative systems into your recruitment process by embracing software and systems for maximum hiring effectiveness.

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5 Secrets to a Successful Recruitment Process

Hiring and Recruitment Using CVid
Courtesy of SOMMAI

Ever tried prospecting for gold? It’s a painstakingly laborious task that is well known for its poor results; particularly in years gone by. Technology has since made searching simple and enables prospectors to narrow down the search with less fuss, time, and energy. HR professionals and recruitment consultants empathise with prospectors as they sift through hundreds of CV’s looking for the gold. What’s exciting for them is that, like gold prospectors, they can now utilise technology to narrow down the search.

Solutions such as requesting a video CV and using applicant tracking systems offer the metal detector technology that HR professionals and recruitment consultants in modern time would never dream of working without.

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Discover A New Way To Review CVs and Fill Jobs

Candidate Assessment with Video CVsGrowing a successful business has it its own stresses and strains, yet the reward at the end is something that managers cherish and look back on with pride.

As your company grows, different internal competences are required, and this is where the opportunity for recruiting exceptional talent is the main priority. However, recruitment, whether done through an agency or internally, can take up precious time and drain financial resources. Moreover, there is also a risk; how can you tell if what you see on paper is the person that you require?

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