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Discover A New Way To Review CVs and Fill Jobs

Candidate Assessment with Video CVsGrowing a successful business has it its own stresses and strains, yet the reward at the end is something that managers cherish and look back on with pride.

As your company grows, different internal competences are required, and this is where the opportunity for recruiting exceptional talent is the main priority. However, recruitment, whether done through an agency or internally, can take up precious time and drain financial resources. Moreover, there is also a risk; how can you tell if what you see on paper is the person that you require?

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See Beyond the CV

CVid is an innovative new recruitment solution that enables you to gain a better understanding of your candidates before you do an interview. Applicants are asked to record detailed 30 second CV video responses to three specific questions posed by recruiters.

Not only can candidates share their relevant knowledge and experiences using a visual format, employers are able to gain other insights, such as a potential candidate’s interpersonal skills and potential cultural fit; these are non-tangible assets that are difficult to convey and rate on a two page document.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video CV is worth a million.

Streamline Your Recruitment Procedures

With written CV’s, it can be difficult to decipher fact from fiction. It is for this reason that many managers and human resources specialists waste their time and money on interviewing applicants who are not suitable for the role that they applied for.

CVid allows employers to pre-screen candidates using video CVs, before processing them to the next stage of the interview process. This means saving the time it takes to prioritise and schedule preliminary interviews, while ensuring that candidates answer the questions that are important to you and your business.

By using video CVs and CVid’s own analytical features, you can rate, tag and shortlist potential candidates; streamlining your recruitment procedures.

CVid offers employers:

  • Branded corporate videos and campaign pages
  • Your position is advertised to all applicable candidates using the CVid video CV app
  • Fantastic security for all data and online storage of videos
  • View your potential candidates videos around your schedule

The CVid Video CV Experience

“In a digital world, the traditional CV is fast becoming obsolete and more than ever organisations seek insight into a candidate’s personality, vibrancy and potential cultural fit before inviting them for an interview. With some businesses receiving well over 200 applications per role, CVid enables organisations to scan through applications efficiently by focussing on three employer selected questions, and using CVid’s unique solution to review, rate, tag, share and shortlist potential employees.” – Cvid

CVid is a unique online job application suite, which enables employers to host their vacancy and create a pre-screening process. For more information about how Cvid can benefit your business, watch the video below, or contact us by clicking here.

Download CVid Today

The CVid app is available to download now on Google Play and the App Store. Simply click on the images below to download CVid to your iOS or Android device and explore the power of video CVs.

Download the CVid app on the App StoreDownload the Android CVid app with Google Play

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