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6 Proven Traits of Successful Job Candidates

In today’s competitive job market, human resource offices see

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scores of job candidates with top qualifications, so the question begs: what other traits should you look for when hiring the right person for the job?  While Google used to be selective about picking graduates from top tier universities, the company learned the hard way that where you went to school is not everything. The world’s best company to work for now focuses more on candidates with strong cognitive ability and problem-solving skills.  So what should be on your company’s list?  Enhance your company’s recruitment process with these six traits of successful job candidates.


This goes beyond just showing up and includes traits like a person’s work ethic and responsibility.  Successful businesses thrive on delivering results on time and within budget.  Does your top candidate get the job done well and within deadlines?  Do they take responsibility for their actions – both good and bad?  During the recruitment process, ask applicants for an example of when they were past deadline on a project and how they handled the situation. These questions assist you in discovering the candidate’s ability to handle challenges and accept responsibility for the results that are positive as well as negative.


A positive attitude goes a long way.  Seek “get it done” attitudes. Rather than selecting   employees who say why something cannot be done, focus on those video responses who embrace getting it done with a “can do spirit”.  Optimism is a necessity for successful employees, regardless of what industry you are in. Build a culture that is refreshing and upbeat to produce both positive business results and an upbeat professional work culture.

Communication Skills

It is not enough to have an employee who is technically qualified for the job: they should also be able to communicate their ideas to both internal and external stakeholders.  This may not be a necessity for every single job description, but in most situations, it is important to effectively express yourself.  An easy way to assess this skill is to use a video response platform, which allows applicants to submit video CVs with the rest of their application.  Within moments, you can assess what type of communication style each candidate possesses and whether it fits in seamlessly with your company’s culture.

Leadership Skills

Whether you are hiring for a management position or for administrative staff, leadership skills come in handy for every role.  People who take initiative at every level can streamline work processes and motivate others, creating an efficient and productive environment.  To attract the best candidates, try offering development opportunities within the company to further improve these skills in your company.

Personal Ambitions

Similar to leadership skills, your recruitment process should also include candidates with personal drive.  These applicants will show initiative and be eager about the position.  By wanting to succeed for themselves, they will also make your company successful.  When hiring these candidates, ensure you maintain incentives to keep these candidates on board long-term.


Your employees are a reflection of the company so it is up to you to keep the company in good standing by finding honest employees throughout your recruitment process. Ask candidates about a time they made a mistake at a job and how they rectified the situation.  This allows you to know how far they are willing to go to make something right.  If they simply did the bare minimum to set things straight or swept the problem under the rug entirely you will likely want to go in another direction when hiring.

A suitable job candidate is not hard to find when you know what to look for.  Integrate these six traits into your hiring checklist to make your process even faster and more efficient.

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