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5 Recruitment Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring and recruitment is both an art and a science. No process or technique fits every industry or

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company and must be customized and designed according to the needs of your company or clients. Over the years a few recruitment mistakes continue to plague human resource professionals as they hunt for the most qualified candidates for open positions and bring them on board. Hiring is becoming a monumental task that takes more and more time as employers and prospective job candidates continue to use the Internet to find employment.

Here are several common recruitment mistakes and how to avoid each during your recruitment process that save time, improve your candidate reach, and protect your brand and your clients.

Skipping the Pre-Screening Process

Most commonly executed as a phone interview, you certainly understand why you might want to skip the pre-screening process – but you choose not too. Phone calls must be scheduled with all the top candidates to gain a sense of personality and relevant experience yet many believe in skipping the pre-screening process and opt for a face-to-face interview. Keep in mind that a candidate’s resume may look great but there are so many other factors that come into play when finding the perfect fit. Personality, the ability to fit in with your corporate culture, and communication skills are all key components.

The pre-screening process can help weed out potential sales staff who are too shy, PR experts who do not actually communicate well through voice or other of bad fits for the role your human resources team is seeking to fill.  If you want to avoid the hassle of scheduling telephone interviews, consider using  a video CV platform that allows candidates to answer your hand-picked questions in video format to get a better feel for their fit with your organisation.

Provide an Inadequate Job Description

It is no secret that human resources professionals have a lot of shoes to fill throughout the day, so it may be tempting to use general or outdated job descriptions in your posting. Avoid this common hiring mistake.

Creating a detailed job description attracts the very best candidates for the position; after all, applicants want to know the full breadth of their potential responsibilities and an updated job description is the best approach. Take this opportunity to work with department supervisors or managers to determine if any responsibilities need to be added or removed.  Keep in mind that because the incumbent did the job a certain way does not mean the new position should be advertised as such. 

Skip Checking Social Media

An applicant’s CV is certainly a good starting ground in assembling your pool of candidates, but there are a wealth of other factors to consider.  Most recruiters now reference applicants on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn; however, do not just think you are simply weeding out the duds based on photographs posted online by the candidate.

In fact, according to a 2014 study by Jobvite, 55 percent of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate during the recruitment process because of their social media profile.  You may find a candidate who has key professional contacts in your industry or engage your top choices in an attractive manner.  Interestingly enough Jobvite’s survey also found that recruiters using mobile-based tactics see a 14 percent improvement in time-to-hire and a 13 percent increase in quality of candidates.

Exclude the Right Interviewers

Many hiring mistakes can be avoided by refusing to cut corners and taking the time to assemble the right team of interviewers.  Sure, you have to coordinate several different schedules to make it happen yet the benefits far outweigh the hassle.  Including several members of your organisation in the interview process (whether they are separate one-on-one meetings or a panel interview) helps make your hiring recruitment process credible and valid.

If it is too cumbersome to schedule several people in our company to meet with job candidates consider using an app like CVid Recruit which allows several users in one organisation to view and rate applicants video CVs and brief answers to interview questions.

Only Attract Average Candidates

For as much as job seekers try to sway human resources professionals it is also important for hiring companies to include enticing corporate branding as part of the recruitment process.

Take a step in the right direction by avoiding the hiring mistakes above. Make sure your application system is user-friendly and simple.  If it requires candidates to input duplicate information like CV information plus work history, the most qualified applicants may lose interest and not finish their submission.

During both pre-screening and formal interviews, make sure you give your candidates adequate opportunities to ask their own questions about the position and the company.  Be open and sincere – these qualities go a long way when attracting the cream of the crop to your organisation

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