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Replace time consuming first round interviews with CVid – Video CV Recruitment Solution

CVid is a cloud based pre-interview screening platform that can deliver

Increased Speed & Productivity – 25% Less Time and Lower Cost to Recruit

Improved Quality of Hire – 30% Lower Staff Turnover

We all want to find the best recruits. But finding the cream of the crop is often an expensive and long-winded process. We believe that it shouldn’t be. That the way we search for talent is antiquated. And that a piece of paper is not a true reflection of character. So we at CVid are using the technology we all carry around with us, as a tool to change the way we search for talent. So that you can see, hear and get a feel for your potential candidates. So you can find the best, faster.

CVid. Bring CVs to life
See the personality, not just the pdf.

CVid is the newest and best recruitment solution to find your recruits faster. You can view video CVs of the candidates, rate them, tag them and shortlist them. Plus you can share via email, making the interview screening process even easier, and make sure you don’t miss out on the best recruits.

Example 1
More than just a CV.
CVid allows you to get a sense of the personality that you can’t see on a CV.
Example 2
You choose the questions.
You can choose from a selection of over 80 researched recruitment questions that lets you find the person you’re looking for.
Example 3
View, rate, tag and shortlist.
Our employer portal allows you to view all your candidate video CVs, and easily rate, tag, and shortlist them into folders for easy reference.
Example 4
Save time, and find better recruits.
CVid recruitment solution allows you to screen more effectively, and not let the best recruits slip through the cracks, as well as not wasting time on those that are not relevant.